Low Water Pressure – Reasons for and Solutions to the Problem

Apr 30 2013

faucetwith low water pressureLow water pressure can lead to a number of problems. When the water pressure in the pipes is low, everything from taking a shower to washing dishes becomes a hassle. There are many reasons for low water pressure in pipes. The common ones are corrosion in pipes and in-line devices, clogs, low volume of water, low delivery pressure, a kink in the pipe obstructing water flow, and many more.

In some homes, the faucets or shower heads may be clogged. Many faucets and shower heads contain flow restrictors. Even a tiny piece of sediment may clog the restrictor's openings, leading to low water pressure. Alternatively, someone would have used the shutoff valve, and wouldn’t have opened it properly later.

Only after the cause has been found out, can a solution be offered. Some common causes/problems related to low water pressure and their solutions are given below:

Unscrew the fixture

If the problem is in the fixture, unscrew it with your hand or a pair of pliers and replace it after rinsing to remove obstructions, if any. If the parts have corroded, change them.

Change the supply line

If the supply line feeding the branch is small and this is the reason for low water pressure, change it. You can substitute it with a supply line of a bigger diameter, which allows the free flow of water.

Replace main supply pipe

If there is inadequate water flow in the whole house and if you've added new fixtures lately, the main supply pipe may have to be replaced to increase water supply. The main supply pipe that carries water from the water meter to your house should be replaced with one which is bigger in size.

Use a booster pump

If your house is located on top of a hill or at the end of a municipal system and draws water from a well located lower than your house, a booster pump may have to be installed to solve the problem.

Check the valves

If you experience the problem of low water pressure, then be sure to check the position of the valves. If there are any partially open valves, then do open them completely as they might be the cause for low water pressure.

Check the heater

If the issue of low water pressure is only affecting your hot water supply, then be sure to check the water heater. Make sure that the shutoff valves near the heater are completely open so as to ensure adequate hot water pressure. You can also contact a plumber to check whether your heater system is working properly.

Check for leaks

A water leak in your plumbing system can affect the water pressure. Do check for leaks and replace the faulty pipe lines in case of low water pressure.

Grace is an experienced professional associated with Water Works Canada, which is a well-known drain cleaning and plumbing provider offering services to GTA and Toronto residents for the past 16 years!

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