Indoor Features to Create a Calming Atmosphere

Jan 7 2013

Most people spend a great deal of time in their homes. Therefore, it’s critical to consider the effect of various elements on the peaceful presentation of your home. Is it a place that is inviting to both the owner and guests? Is it a place to be proud of? Is it a good place to linger and spend valuable time in? Many things add to the overall atmosphere of any residence.

indoor water feature coupleA first consideration may involve clutter within the home, i.e. in the wardrobes, in the garage and in the basement. Clutter is distracting. It creates a false sense of being busy. It can be a subliminal tool to keep others from visiting too often. It may be due to poor living habits or a lack of real interest in life. Whatever contributes to the clutter in a home, it is very disconcerting and definitely visually unpleasant. Minimizing clutter has a real calming effect on everyone. Getting rid of the clutter creates space, and suddenly the home becomes more visually pleasing.

The choice of colors tends to express who a person really is. Uniformity or natural blending of colors from one room to another is vital if the rooms are fairly open. It is natural to like many colors and want to select a variety of them. Too many colors within the walls of a house can also create an atmosphere of clutter. When the colors do not meet in accord, the abrupt change from one room to another will create a sense of brash and intense discord. This can be extremely unsettling.

tulipsRed, yellow and orange are warm colors and tend to make spaces seem smaller and possibly a bit cosy. The cool colors create a feeling of expansiveness and a sense of relaxation and resolve. These colors are a variety of blues, greens and purples. Color is an important element of everyone's life, whether it is color used in decorating or in designing clothing. An individual can be drawn to certain colors and repulsed by others. Colors add meaning to life, and the choice of color tends to mean something about the chooser. Black is about being all color, whereas white is about being no color.

Flowers and essential oils made from flowers can benefit the atmosphere of any home. The essence of certain flowers will calm most people. Roses, lavender, jasmine and orange blossoms are especially nice flowers when used for decoration and their wonderful scent. These particular scents seem to have some positive impact on anxiety, depression and fatigue, thus providing a degree of pleasant relaxation. Planning a garden around decorating and creating a wonderful atmosphere within the home is an ideal way to bring the magnificent beauty of nature inside. Hanging baskets containing delicate flowers have a great visual impact on persons coming into the house. In addition, all can contribute to a variety of conversations.

Soothing background music adds a peaceful dimension to a person's home. A quality sound system and well-placed speakers can be very appealing. Music tends to set the mood and embrace a variety of different feelings. Carefully chosen music has the ability to express what can be very difficult to express in words.

indoor water featureAll people are drawn to the sound of water and usually feel peaceful in its presence. Water gives life. The sound of falling water within the home brings a sense of peace, love and enrichment. If at all possible, falling water should be incorporated into any plan for a genuinely calming atmosphere that allows for all of the benefits of a very peaceful home.

Ewan currently works in the indoor water features and is particularly keen on matching features with the overall feel of the home to create a great atmosphere. He currently works for UK Water Features.

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