Vertical Blinds - Installing Blinds

Dec 6 2009

If you are planning on selling your home or if you just want to spruce it up, nothing adds to the look of a home more than blinds. Vertical blinds are simple to install and give your home a streamlined look.

1.    Check the parts before beginning installation.

a.    You will want all the supplies before beginning.
b.    If all the parts are not there, either return the blinds or go to a local hardware store to buy the missing parts.

2.    Measure the Window or Door

a.    With the tape measure flush to the ground, measure upwards.
b.    Then add ¼ inch to mark screw placement.

3.    Install Brackets

a.    The installation brackets need to be placed approximately 3 inches from the wall.
b.    Screw the brackets in.
c.    Additional brackets should be placed equal distances apart.
d.    Tighten all screws when complete.

4.    Placing the Control Chain

a.    Center the head rail to the mounting clips.
b.    Insert front lip into the groove of the clips, turn the head until it clicks.
c.    Repeat for each remaining clip.

5.    Snap in Vanes

a.    Open the blinds so they are even.

b.    Snap in vanes so they all curve the same direction.

6.    Attach Pulley

a.    Put the vertical cord loop through the top pulley.
b.    Pull cord until the pulley becomes tight.

7.    Cutting the Cord

a.    Tie a knot in the cord.
b.    Try to open and close the blinds. If it works then you can cut the cord below the knot.
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