Can you get the wood valance different color than the wood blinds. If I would order white blinds, could I get the wood valance in a Dark Teak or does it have to match the wood blind color?
All of our wood blinds are custom made. Depending on the wood blind selected we most likely would be able to custom order a different color valance than the blinds. The valance would however have to be from one of the other colors within the colors offered by the same wood blind.

Because this would be a custom order not on our website you would need to call our customer service department for pricing and availability.

All of our wooden binds come standard with a matching wood valance. At Blinds Chalet we offer a free "Cornice Style" valance upgrade with most of our wood blinds. A cornice valance is just a valance that sits outside the window frame while the blinds mount inside the window frame. The valance is wider than the window with short returns, creating a cornice above the blinds for a decorative look to the windows.
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