I was at JcPenney yesterday and found a very clever blind/shade hybrid which looked like a cell shade ordinarily, but could be adjusted such that each individual cell would fold onto itself and become a blind if desired. It was made by "Linden Street". I am curious to know if you have anything similar or can help define that type (search term?). Also, I liked some of the top down/bottom up style. Thanks for any suggestions!
The product you are looking for can be found under our Horizontal Fabric Shades category. Our insulating blinds are available in either light filtering or room darkening fabrics. Look for either of the following products:
Light Filtering Insulating Blinds
Room Darkening Insulating Blinds

Each insulating blind combine the best of two popular window coverings providing the insulation of cell shades with the function of horizontal blinds. Each durable vane expands and compresses to provide insulation and privacy. They can compress to for variable light control and clear view outdoors.

Our insulating blinds are easy to install and easy to clean. Choose from an array of colors. See the beauty. Feel the comfort. Purchase your insulating blinds today.
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