I would like to order a 96" wide x 63" high top down bottom up pleated shade. The order screen would not let me choose the top down bottom up option.
Due to the strain on the lift mechanisms, top down bottom up pleated shades cannot be made for shades over 72 inches in width or height. We recommend larger pleated shades with a heavier duty cord and lift mechanism using a continuous cord loop.

Top down bottom up or duofold pleated shades are a great way to let light enter the room while still providing privacy. Because the shades can be lowered from the top down, the bottom portion of the windows are covered while the open top of the windows allow light to enter the room.

We also offer the top down bottom up option on our honeycomb cell shades. Cellular shades look like pleated shades but add insulation. Buy your pleated shades today!
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