Looking for which shades provide privacy. So a person outside cannot see a figure inside if the room light is on.
The majority of our window blinds and shades offer complete privacy. The window treatments to stay away from are screen roller shades, bamboo shades without a liner, or other sheer products.

Bamboo shades are woven together so light may pass through the shades. Simply adding a privacy or blackout liner to them creates complete privacy shades.

Screen roller shades are designed to reduce UV rays but not block all the light from entering a room. Because the roller shade fabric is a screen material they do not offer complete privacy. When it is dark outside and the lights are on inside, you can see through the roller shades.

Any of our blinds such as wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, or aluminum blinds offer complete privacy.

Honeycomb cell shades will also offer complete privacy. The darker the fabric and the more light control the fabric provides will give more privacy. For instance a light translucent fabric is designed the let light pass through them. They will still provide privacy but if someone is standing right next to the shades with the lights on it may be possible to see a silhouette.

If you are concerned with privacy, choose a product that blocks the most light. Typically blackout blinds will also provide the best privacy.
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