I received the shades I ordered from you and just tried to install them on my new house. However, all the SlumberShades were 1-2 inches shorter than the window's heights. There are gaps between the shades and the bottoms of the windows. Can you let me know what happened to those SlumberShades?
With cellular shades and particular SlumberShades, it may take a couple of days for the fabric to settle. As long as the shades can be pulled to the bottom of the window shade and the tracks are the correct length, they should settle to the correct length. If the sidetracks are short and the shades will not extend to the bottom of the window then the shades are too short and will have to be re-ordered.

Slumber shades are the ultimate blackout shades. Designed with sidetracks and blackout fabric to block any light from entering through the windows. Perfect for bedrooms, theater rooms, or any location where you want complete darkness.

SlumberShades are available with various options such as cordless shades, top down bottom up, or cordless top down bottom up. Watch for our free upgrades on any of our SlumberShades from Blinds Chalet.
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