I am interest in ordering the ComforTrack 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shades. Are these shades white facing the outside? I want to order black, but I do not want the black to show outside.
All of our honeycomb cell shades come with a neutral white color on the street side of the shades. The reason for this is to comply with home owners associations as well as keeping a consistent color from the outside of the home. To see the exact color of the shades we can send a free sample of the actual fabric so you can see both the inside color and outside color of the shades.

Our ComfortTrack cell shades come standard with sidetracks to insulate better than standard cellular shades. If you are looking for complete blackout shades check out our SlumberShades, the official shades of the National Sleep Foundation. SlumberShades also have sidetracks similar to ComforTrack shades but the SlumberShade tracks are specifically designed to block the light as well as insulate the windows.

ComforTrack cell shades are available in either light filtering or blackout fabrics. SlumberShades are designed for light control and only come in blackout fabrics.
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