Do you make palladian window coverings? I am interested in matching the arch top window treatment to a wood blind.
We do have palladian window coverings for arch top windows. Arch windows can be difficult to select window treatments for because arches can vary in shape and size. The simplest arch to cover is a perfect arch or one where the width is twice the height. Eyebrow arch window blinds are more difficult are require a template for a exact match palladian window blinds.

Palladian blinds are available in different types of window treatments ranging from wood blinds, honeycomb cell shades, and shutters to softer window treatments such as draperies. If you are mounting a palladian arch blind over an existing wood blind, measure the width and height of the arch at the top of the window. Because wood arches blinds are difficult to measure for, we do not currently offer them on our website. Give us a call and we can guide you through the ordering process to ensure you get the right fit and the right palladian blinds for your windows.
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