I am looking for 100% blackout blinds or shades. I am very confused with all the different options. Single cell/double cell/honeycomb, etc. I don't care about looks, but I just want something that blocks the light 100% I don't care if it's a shade or a blind. I'm just interested in the BEST blackout window treatment. I don't want to Velcro anything to the window, but I want something that is easy to raise and lower. I do not want Roman shades. Thank you for any information you can give me.
SlumberShades, the official shades of the National Sleep FoundationIf you are looking for blackout shades to block light, we recommend the SlumberShades. Not only are they made with blackout fabric, Slumber shades are designed with light blocking sidetracks that eliminate the light that passes between the shades and the window frame. SlumberShades are the official window shades of the National Sleep Foundation.

SlumberShades are available in standard lift, cordless shades, top down bottom up shades, or cordless top down bottom up shades.

Not only are SlumberShades blackout blinds but they insulate your windows and save energy. Because of the added barriers that SlumberShades offer, less heat is lost through your windows saving you money. Buy your SlumberShades today, get a good nights sleep and start saving on your energy bills!
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