Is there any way to get a CORDLESS top/down bottom/up in your comfortrack blackout its not offered in the order form but you offer the cordless option in the translucent.
Unfortunately the cordless upgrade is not available with the ComforTrack blackout shades. However, we do have a couple other options for blackout shades in the same fabrics.

Our Deluxe 3/8" blackout cell shades offer the same colors without the sidetrack system of the ComforTrack shades. This honeycomb shade is available in both cordless and cordless top down bottom up.

Another option is the new blackout SlumberShades, the official window shades of the National Sleep Foundation. SlumberShades are designed with a similar sidetrack system as the ComforTrack shades but with added light control sidetracks. SlumberShades are designed for both light control as well as energy savings while the ComforTrack shades are designed with only energy savings in mind. Buy your new SlumberShades today and get a good nights rest at night.
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