We ordered blinds for our home and are completely satisfied. I would like to order something for the top 1/2 round windows that we have. I can not find any on your site. Do you carry them?
We do not carry arch top window blinds online but we can custom order them to match our faux wood blinds, wood blinds, or cell shades. Half round window blinds are fairly easy to measure and install while eyebrow arches become more difficult.

If your arch top window has an arch height measuring one half the width you have a perfect arches. If this is not the case a custom template must be made to ensure proper fit of the arch top window treatment.

The honeycomb fabric in cell shade arches is fanned out, looking like a sunburst with the fabric pleat grouped at the center of the arch. Faux wood arches come in a sunburst style while wood blind arches are available in both the sunburst style as well as a horizontal slat arch. Most sunburst arches are operable and can open.

Call us today for pricing and availability on arch top window blinds and shades today!
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