I am interested in ordering one of your cordless window shades. I have ordered samples so still need to decide my final product. My question is, if the shades are cordless, can they not be top down bottom up also? It wouldn't let me choose both.
We have many different cordless window blinds ranging from cell shades, aluminum blinds, roman shades, and more. Not all of these window blinds can also be top down bottom up. Many of our products, however, like the honeycomb shades allow both options together.

The cordless and top down bottom up options are limited by size. If the window blind selected has both options but cannot be selected together it is more than likely due to the size of your window. Larger window shades will not operate properly with the cordless option. Because the cordless option is a spring assist lift, the weight of the window shades becomes too heavy to raise and lower the blinds properly.

Choose from most of our custom honeycomb cell shades that offer the cordless top down bottom up option. Some of our products you will need to select both options while others have a separate "cordless top down bottom up" option you must select. Order your cordless top down bottom up shades today!
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