About the "Legends 3 1/2" Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds" and the "Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds", which direction do they stack when you open them? Can they be ordered to open as a "split stack" where half the panels go to each side? Thank you. If not, do any of your other low cost plastic vertical blinds do this?
Traditional vertical blinds draw to one side or the other. This can be specified which side they are to be drawn to. They can also be turned to draw to the opposite side simply by rotating the headrail the other direction when installing them.

One way draw vertical blinds stack only to one side. This creates a larger stack of vanes when the window blinds are fully open. It does however leave one side of the window free which is ideal for patio or sliding glass doors. Split stack vertical blinds draw to both sides with a smaller stack on each side of the window. This option is good for large windows or openings where the window or door is in the center.

We can make most of our vertical blinds with a split stack draw. Split draw vertical blinds stack on both the left and the right of the window when they are drawn open. If you are interested in a split stack draw simply notify one of our customer service agents at the time you place your order and we will be happy to assist you. Order your split stack vertical blinds today!
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