Why are single cell shades less expensive than double cell?
While both single and double cell shades offer the same components in the lift mechanisms, headrails, and bottom rails, double cell shades typically cost more. Single cell shades are less expensive than double cell shades for a couple reasons. First, they require less fabric to make the cellular material. Secondly, the process in which the double cell shade fabric is made is more intensive than single cell shades. For these reasons the fabric is more expensive to manufacturer on double cell shades.

If double cell shades cost more, why should I buy them over a single cell shade? Honeycomb shades where designed for insulation and energy savings. The unique cell structure of the fabric traps air inside cells and creates a barrier between your windows and your home. This means better insulating blinds and savings on your energy bills. It is typically thought that the more cells in honeycomb blinds, the better they insulate. So a double cell shade offers more insulation than a single cell shade. This is true but the savings is minimal.

Another reason for double cell shades is privacy. With translucent cell shades, double cell shades will typically provide better privacy than single cells shades. The more fabric to block the view, the better the privacy.
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