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Do the Valencia Day & Night Shades have the capability of being able to have the top down and/or the bottom up?
Day night shades are designed as two individual shades in one shade. Typically day night shades offer both a privacy or light control shade as well as a sheer or light filtering shade. Because there are two shades on one headrail, day & night shades also have two lift cords. One lift cord to operate each of the shades. The top down bottom up option also requires two lift cords. One that raise the shades and a second cord to lower the shades. Because there is no way to build a shade with the number of cords that would be required to add top down bottom up to day and night shades, top down bottom up is not available with day night shades.

We carry many top down bottom up shades including roman shades. Top down bottom up allows the window shades to be lowered from the top down providing privacy while allowing light in the room. They can also be raised as a traditional shade for an unobstructed view.

Day & night shades are designed with the two separate shades providing the benefits of a blackout or privacy shade at night as well as a light filtering shade during the day. The function of day night shades is very similar to the purpose of the top down bottom up option. Day night shades are available in both roman shades as well as honeycomb cell shades. Buy your day and night shades today!
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