I just requested some samples but I'm wondering if a two inch blind is the best for french doors? I want privacy and light blockage. Thanks.
Many of our customers use either 2 inch faux wood blinds or 2 inch wood blinds on their french doors. 2 inch blinds are fine to use for french doors although 1 inch wood blinds have a lower profile on the door.

2 inch blinds are a good option, however, there are many different choices for french door blinds. Virtually any window covering can be mounted on a door. If you are looking for maximum light control and privacy you may consider cellular shades. If you choose blackout cell shades they will block the light from passing through the shades providing maximum light control.

When ordering window blinds for a door, make sure you select the lift and tilt controls so they are on the hinge side of the door. This will keep the cords from swinging into the door as it is shut.
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