I have received samples 2 different times. I am looking for cellular shades but with a material finish. All the samples I received feel and look like paper. Which ones should I choose?
With our spun lace fabric cellular shades, the material is a softer fabric. We use the same material for both our light filtering and our room darkening shades but with blackout shades the material is compressed with an attached mylar backing. This process leaves the spun lace fabric with more of a paper like feel. For the non-paper feel cellular shades you would have to order light filtering cellular shades.

Blackout cellular shades come with two styles of fabric. We primarily offer the mylar backing version. Another choice comes with a darker, gray street side that blocks the light. This means the shades are the color you choose towards the inside of home and gray on the side of the shades towards the window or outside of the home.

We offer either spun lace as well as point bond fabric depending on the line of cellular shades you choose. Spun lace fabric is softer than point bond material and the material feel you are looking for. With point bond material the fabric feel more like paper even though it is made from primarily polyester.
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