I am looking to outfit all the windows in my house with top down bottom up(tdbu) black shades (preferably cellular as I like look when it folds up more). my biggest issue in finding them is that the outward facing side is white. i want them to be black outward facing like the inside. do any of your cellular products offer that choice?
We offer many black shades but none of the honeycomb shades offer black on the street side of the shades. The reason for this most homeowners associations require a neutral color facing the street, therefore all cell shades are made with a white color on the back side of the shades.

We do have other products that are black on the back or could be made that way. If you choose black roller shades, the color would be the same on both sides. We also carry bamboo shades with liners. The liner can be made in various colors. Typically the liner has a neutral color towards the street but upon request this can be reversed on some products.

Top down bottom up shades come in various styles. We can make tdbu shades in cell shades, roman shades, and bamboo shades. Top down bottom up allows the window shades to be lowered from the top down or raised from the bottom up like traditional shades.
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