looking for inside window blinds for octagon bay window, 12 windows measuring 21.5w x 17.25l each. Or any other suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. We now have 4 long outside blinds.
One option for odd shaped windows such as trapezoid or octagon windows is an outside mount blind. Mounting the blinds on the wall above the window rather than inside the window frame allows the blind to be rectangular in shape.

For inside mount blinds there is limited options for window blinds. We do have a few options such as cell shades that can be made as octagon shaped blinds. However, because of the shape they cannot be raised the entire height of the window.

For trapezoid window blinds we have honeycomb shades as well as wood blinds that can be made to fit your windows.

Please call us for pricing and measuring instructions. We do not offer them online due to the difficulty measuring for them. We can help you over the phone with placing your order.
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