i am considering the 2 inch platinum wood blinds. i want to separate blinds but one common valance. they will each have their own rail, but i want the common valance. is that possible and if so how do i indicate that on the online order?
Yes we can make a common valance with most of our wood blinds and faux wood blinds. This option is not available as an online option but if you call our customer service department we can assist you with this customization. In most cases adding a shared valance between multiple window blinds is no additional charge. Contact us for details and pricing.

The reason to add a common valance on wood blinds or faux wood blinds is for larger windows or for windows close together. Large windows create problems because large blinds become heavy and hard to lift. Splitting the blinds to separate blinds is an alternative to 2 on 1 headrail or 3 on 1 headrail blinds. Multiple blinds can be mounted side by side in the same window frame and the headrails and brackets can all be covered by a shared valance.

For windows close together you may want to consider a common valance for cornice style valances. Because a cornice style valance is outside the window frame and extends about one inch on each side, valances on windows close together can interfere with one another and a shared valance can eliminate this problem.
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