We are interested in purchasing the vertical blinds and plan to mount them on the outside of a window vs. the inside of the window from. Our question is when you open the blinds can you open them from the center or do you just open from one side to the other.
On our website we only offer side stack or one way draw vertical blinds for ease of ordering. Most of our vertical blinds are available with the "split draw" or "center split" feature. It is no additional charge for this feature. Simply contact customer service to place your order and we can add the slip tack vertical blinds.

Standard vertical blinds draw or open to one side. Split stack vertical blinds open from the center and open to each side leaving a stack of vertical blinds on each side. With vertical blinds, the stack side is usually on the opposite side of the window from the door opening or window opening. This pulls the blinds out of the way when they are fully open. With a split stack vertical blind you will need additional width to the blinds so the stack is not in the way of the opening.

Vertical blinds are most commonly used on larger windows such as sliding glass doors. Because of the size, most vertical blind applications will be outside mount blinds.
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