We have Win-Glo single cell shades which are about 30 years old. Is it possible to restring a broken cord?
We do not carry the Win-Glo single cell shades but offer many comparable single cell shades. Honeycomb shades have lift cords that run inside the shades. Over time these cords can wear and even break. It is possible to re-string cell shades as well as restring venetian blinds. We do not sell individual parts for window blinds, only complete custom made blinds and shades.

Honeycomb shades are made from fabric that has insulating cells. Fabric comes in both light filtering and room darkening or blackout cell shades. Because the fabric is designed with air cells, the fabric better insulates your windows than standard window blinds or shades.

The top insulating cellular shades is our ComforTrack cell shades. They are designed with side tracks that block the gaps between the sides of the windows and the shades.
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