I want to order the ComfortTrack 3/8" Translucent Double Cell Shade with the "Cordless" option. Does the blind then have a small tab at the bottom of the blind to lift and lower it? Also, the blind is for a high transom window, so I need a pole to be able to lift and lower it. Do you carry poles? What lengths are they and what is the cost? I can't find poles listed on your website.

The Cordless Comfortrack shades come with handles to raise and lower the shades. Our standard ComforTrack shades come with a cord to raise and lower the window shades. The cordless upgrade is excellent for child safety.

You can order poles to reach high windows that come in either 6 foot or 12 foot lengths. The poles are not listed online but you can purchase a pole with your order by contacting one of our customer service agents to add that to your order for you.

Cordless ComforTrack shades offer unique sidetracks that insulate better than standard cellular shades. A ComforTrack cell shade increases the thermal insulation up to five times higher than a standard single pane window. This added insulation saves on energy bills. This added savings may qualify you for a tax credit on your purchase. View our federal tax credit for blinds.
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