I need to order two more Express 1/2" Cordless Double Cell Shades in the Quebec shade and I see that you are out of stock. Do you know when you will have them back in stock?
The Express 1/2" Cordless Double Cell Shades have been discontinued but have been replaced with either the Ultimate Cordless 3/4" Single Cell. The headrail and bottom rail look a little different, but the fabric is identical to what you have purchased in the past. The reason for this is we have developed a better cordless lift mechanism on the cell shades. The mechanisms are inside the bottom rail rather than the traditional top headrail.

We also offer our Translucent 1/2" Double Cell Shades which is the same fabric as our Ultimate Cordless Cell Shades. The difference is, the Translucent 1/2" Double Cell Shades are complete custom cell shades, made to order with a metal headrail. Our express cell shades offer vinyl headrails and are pre-manufactured.
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