I have a class C motorhome and am looking for cordless 1" 8 gauge aluminum mini blinds to replace what I currently have. Is this something you carry?
We have a wide selection of cordless blinds and shades but we only carry one option for cordless aluminum blinds. They are made from 6 gauge aluminum slats with a matching contoured aluminum headrail. They are operated by simply grasping the blinds bottom rail and twisting it to tilt the blinds. To raise and lower the cordless blinds push up or pull down on the bottom rail.

If you are mounting these cordless aluminum blinds in a motorhome or rv that is movable you will need to order hold downs. Hold downs are designed to attach the bottom of the shades to the wall when they are lowered. This will keep the mini blinds in place while the motor home is moving.

Our cordless aluminum mini blinds can be mounted either inside a window frame or on the exterior wall. The brackets are designed to mount to the top sides or back and can be mounted to any surface. If you mounting them to a metal surface you will need to purchase some metal screws from the hardware store.
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