I have just ordered a sample of the 1" mini blind in the color oak. I had hoped to get real wood but I'm afraid I don't have enough inside mounting space for them. I currently have box store mini blinds and was able to install those with no problem. But my concern is to order custom without being able to see the installation bracket because although I have enough depth for an inside mount there is only half an inch flat surface to attach the screws. The remainder of the woodwork, older home, is curved wood. I would really like to get a sample bracket so I can look at the position of the screw holes.
There are a few options for shallow mount blinds or window frames with minimal mounting space. We have a few options for 1 inch mini blinds. Choose from traditional aluminum blinds or upgrade to one inch real wood blinds. One inch blinds can be mounted inside the window frame with as little as 3/4 of an inch. For flush mount, where the mini blinds are completely within the window frame, you will need at least 2 inches of window frame depth.

Two inch blinds can also be mounted in shallow depth window frames. Most wood blinds can be mounted in as little as an inch and a half of window frame depth. For the wood blinds to be completely inside the window frame you will need about three inches.

If you are concerned about the sides of the brackets showing, for shallow mount wood blinds we can make a custom valance with short returns to cover the bracket sides. For custom valances or special changes to any order simply contact customer service at the time your order is placed. We do not charge for most changes to customization.
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