I am thinking of ordering vertical blinds. Have you had any problems with the blinds falling out of their clips? I have some other vertical blinds that fall out all the time not yours.
We work with a few different manufacturers for our vertical blinds that produce quality window coverings. Each vertical blind comes with a lifetime warranty that covers problems such as the vanes falling out if the clips were to wear or not hold the vanes in place. We are confident that you will be happy with the quality of our vertical blinds.

Most of our vertical blinds come with replaceable round polycarbonate carrier stems. This make the carrier clips more durable to resist breakage and easier to replace if they were to break or wear out. Look for our vertical blinds with a double worm gear for tighter closure.

Vertical blinds are ideal for larger windows such as patio door blinds or sliding glass blinds. Choose from traditional vertical blinds or our other alternative window treatments such as bamboo draperies or panel track blinds. Because bamboo window coverings are made from renewable resources and are recyclable they are eco-friendly. They also come in a wide selection of stains and colors that look great.
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