I am wondering on the bali Essentials cellular blinds it says there is a vinyl headrail. Is that what the is going to hold the blinds together that you attach to the window or is that a decorative piece you put up?
We do not carry any brand name window treatments such as Bali, Hunter Douglas, or Levelor blinds. All of our products are private label but are comparable to any name brand window blinds. We offer only top quality window blinds and shades made from the best materials and components.

In our honeycomb cellular blinds category, in our express cellular shades section, each cellular blind offers a vinyl headrail. If you are looking for a sturdier, more durable product we recommend any of our other cellular blinds. They each come standard with an aluminum metal headrail. Vinyl headrails are still a good quality product but the best headrail is a metal headrail.

All of our cellular blinds are custom made to each customers specifications. Choose from either a light filtering or room darkening fabrics. We also offer two different styles of fabric. Point bond material and spun lace. While both are great fabrics, our spun lace fabrics offer better insulation as well as a softer fabric. Point bond fabric is made from polyester and has a more paper like feel.
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