My window frame wall depth is only 1 inch. Is that enough room to install the ComforTrack or EnergyTrack blackout curtains side tracks?
Typically the ComforTrack cell shades takes a minimum of 1 1/2" to install. We do offer a "shallow mount" track that installs in as little as 1/2 inch. This option is not listed on the website but we can special order the shallow mount ComforTrack over the phone with any of our customer service agents. Please call us for a custom quote.

ComforTrack cell shades are available in both blackout and light filtering fabrics. Also look for our private label version, the EnergyTrack honeycomb cell shades. Both cell shades are made from the same fabrics and components. Our EnergyTrack shades do not carry the Comfortex brand.

When looking for energy saving shades, the ComforTrack shades offer the best insulation. With their unique sidetracks that block more energy loss and insulate windows better they save more on energy bills than standard cell shades. Honeycomb cell shades are the top insulating window shades. The honeycomb fabrics create a barrier of air inside each of the honeycomb fabric cells that insulate the windows from heat loss and/or gain.
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