We like the warm chestnut color of embassy 2" wooden blinds and wonder if there is an option for a 5" crown molding valance. What would be the price? Are there any other wooden blinds that have the warm chestnut color?
Unfortunately the Embassy Wood Blinds do not offer a 5 inch valance upgrade. They come standard with a 3 inch crown molding valance that matches the stain or paint of the wood blinds. The only wood blinds we offer with the 5 inch valance is our Platinum Wood Blinds.

Each wood blind we carry offers its own unique paints and stains. We do not offer the exact warm chestnut stain in any other wood blinds we carry but we do have some that are similar colors. Because the Platinum Wood Blinds offer the 5 inch valance, the closest color to the warm chestnut wood blinds is the cherry color in Platinum Wood Blinds. As always we recommend ordering free samples of the wood blinds so you can see the colors as they are not an exact match.

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