I just ordered colored swatches of your mini blinds. I am looking specifically for room darkening blinds in colors. Did I order the correct swatches?
Aluminum mini blinds will give you plenty of privacy but are not great for light control. If you want something that will give you room darkening and has colorful choices, we would recommend our honeycomb cell shades.

Cell shades are the best for both blackout blinds as well as insulators. Honeycomb shades come in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics. If you want light control make sure you select a blackout or room darkening fabric. If you really want the blackout blinds with the most light control consider our ComforTrack cell shades with added sidetracks to block the light between the blinds and the sides of the window frame.

Roman shades are another option for blackout blinds. Choose from any of our roman shades with blackout fabrics. We also offer day and night shades with blackout roman shades for light control and a second sheer shade behind it for privacy and filtered light during the day.

Bamboo shades can also be room darkening blinds. Typically woven wood shades do not offer as much light control due to the gaps between each bamboo or grass fibers. Adding a blackout liner behind the shades gives the shades more light control. Blackout liners can be attached so they raise with the bamboo blinds or they can be a separate shade with their own lift control.

Other options for light control are blackout roller shades, shutters, and draperies.
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