I was wondering what a tilter mechanism is on your window blinds?
A tilter mechanism is what tilts or opens and closes the slats of a horizontal blind. Mini blinds typically come in two choices of tilter mechanisms, either a wand or a cord control. While both operate the blinds the same way we recommend the cord tilt over the wand.

Speed & Ease of Use
The cord tilt is actually easier to operate than the wand. Simply pull the cord and immediately the blinds are closed. With a wand tilt it takes several twists to close the blinds.

Tighter closure
The cord mechanism actually closes the blinds tighter than a wand tilter. This provides better light control and privacy. The cord mechanism also lasts longer than the wand mechanism.

A wand tilter is safer for small children than a cord tilt. Any time there is cords there is a potential hazard. The best solution is to keep items clear from the windows that would allow children to get to the cords. If the window is low to the ground, keep the cords tied up.

Both mechanisms work to close the window blinds but due to the ease of use and the better operation we recommend the cord tilter.
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