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Looking For Solar Screen Shades?
Looking for an efficient way to save energy in your home? Try out Solar Screen Shades. The solar screen shades can offer an improved temperature and draft control thereby providing thermal comfort in your home. And because they won’t use up electricity in the process, you can save so much on your utilities.

Blinds Chalet Offer Solar Screen Shades

Among the shades offered by Blinds Chalet are the Solar Screen Shades. Our solar screen shades are energy efficient window treatments that won’t completely block your view through your windows. We offer them in view-through design so that your view from inside your home is not limited. Thus, you can enjoy visual comfort because of its ability to reduce glare while still giving the view you desire. We offer two kinds of solar screen shades:
  • Standard Solar Screen Shades. These solar screen shades come in fabrics made from synthetic materials. You can choose from various textures and patterns.
  • Environmentally Friendly Solar Screen Shades. These solar screen shades are made from sustainable bamboo wood or earth friendly fabrics.

All of our solar screen shades come with the following optional upgrades:
  • Cassette Headrail/Fascia Valance. This gives the roller shades a smooth seamless look especially when rolled up.
  • Reverse Roll/Standard Roll. This upgrade allows you to choose the direction which the fabric rolls off the roller at the top of the shade.
  • Remote Control Shades. With this upgrade, you can control the movement of the shades through a button press or a wall switch.

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