I am wanting to order blinds for my new home from you. I was interested in the wood faux blinds however I want inside mount and my window frame depth is very small. I ordered a cellular shade and the screw holes for the 2" bracket overhang my frame. Would you have any suggestions or be able to source 1" faux blinds. The 1" wood blinds could get expensive for a whole home.
For shallow mount window frames there are a few options. Different products require different window frame depths to mount them. For instance a cell shade typically takes less window frame depth than a two inch window blind.

If you would like horizontal blinds and your windows are shallow depth you have a few options. Two inch wood and faux wood blinds take at least three inches of window frame depth to flush mount them so that none of the window blinds extend past the front edge of the window frame.

Two inch blinds can be mounted in window frames as shallow as an inch and an eighth. Of course at this window frame depth part of the blinds will extend out past the front edge of the window frame. If you let us know at the time you place your order we can make custom valances with returns that will hide the sides of the mounting brackets. These returns can be cut to any custom length. This length will depend on your window frame depth and how far the blinds will protrude out into the room.

Another option for shallow window frames is a smaller blind. One inch wood blinds do not require as much depth as a two inch wood blind. For a flush mount blind they only require two inches of window frame depth. They can also be mount with as little as three quarters of an inch. The disadvantage of using a one inch wood blind is both the cost and the smaller slats look busy in larger windows.

Although we carry a one inch wood blind we do not offer a one inch faux wood blind. Because of the stability of the vinyl material faux wood blinds are made from the smaller slats will not hold their shape over time like a two inch faux wood blind.
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