How do I know if I need 2 on 1 headrail or multiple blinds on one headrail?
The reason for 2 on 1 headrail or 3 on 1 headrail blinds is due to weight. Larger window blinds can be difficult to lift. They can also prematurely wear the lift mechanisms and cords.

When determining whether you need multiple blinds on a large window there are a several factors used for this calculation. First there is the size of the window. Simply, larger window blinds are heavier. Second is the type of window blinds. Faux wood blinds for instance are heavier than real wood blinds. The heavier blinds need to have multiple headrails at smaller sizes than lighter ones.

During our ordering process when you add window blinds to the shopping cart our system will prompt you if you need to split the window blinds into multiple blinds. Smaller sizes will be a recommendation and larger sizes will not allow you to order.
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