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How can I order a new vane for my vertical blind?
There is nothing more pesky then when those vanes break, especially right up at the top where they click into the headrail. We are able to order replacement vanes for you if you ordered your blinds through us. You can contact customer service at 888-633-7840. Please have your order number or name and zip code available so that the agent can find your order.

Ordering vanes only can get quite costly as the vanes are made to be sold as part of a whole blind. Many times, if you need quite a few vanes, it is less expensive if you order a new blind.

If your are needing replacement vanes because they broke off at the top and you only need a few, I would consider an alternative. You are able to purchase vane savers. These are metal clips that snap into your broken vane, allowing you to reinsert your vane into your headrail. When you have vertical blinds, these are a great piece to have around, as they provide a quick, simple, inexpensive solution.

We can also order replacement vanes for other companies, but we are not able to guarantee that they will fit in your headrail or that the colors match. You would want to order free samples to ensure the colors will match.

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