How do your window blinds compare with other companies such as JC Penneys?
Our window blinds and shades are made with top quality components and are comparable to JC Penneys blinds. In fact many of our products are made from the exact same manufacturers as JC Penneys blinds.

When it comes to price however, Blinds Chalet offers our window coverings at a much lower price than can a large department store such as JC Pennies. Because we have much less overhead and buy such a large quantity, our customers save!

At Blinds Chalet we also offer top quality customer service. Our expert staff knows window coverings! Whether you are looking for a window bind, shade, or drapery, we can help you out.

Shopping online has never been easier. Just measure your windows following our easy measure steps and with a few clicks your blinds will be delivered to your doorstep. And don't forget, shipping is free!
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