I really want to get some black window blinds that are the pvc, maybe satin finish. How do I order them and what do you guys have available in terms of black vertical blinds.
Black mini blinds is one of the most popular colors. We offer a wide selection of black window blinds and shades. Whether you are looking for black vertical blinds, wood blinds, pvc blinds, or black shades we have many window treatments to choose from.

Black window blinds come in various shades. Look for the colors such as ebony and charcoal just to name a few. With each of our window coverings we offer a free swatch program so that you can see the exact color and quality of our products. Not all of our black window coverings are the same shade of black and for this reason we suggest that you take advantage of our free samples so you get the color you want.

Don't be confused with "blackout shades" and "black shades". Blackout Shades are designed to block all light and may not be the color black.
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