I want to order a window covering made in USA for my sliding glass door. The verticle blinds made in USA are more than I want to spend. Would the made in USA solar shades you carry work for a sliding glass door? If not, any other suggestions?
Each of the vertical blinds listed on our website are made in the USA. Most are manufactured in either California or Michigan. Certain vendors we work with provide us with classifications as to how they are made. The designations are one of the following:
  1. Made in USAMade in the USA - This designates that the window blinds are made in America with the majority of the parts and components used are manufactured within the US as well.
  2. Made in the USA(with US and imported parts) - This means that the window blinds are made in the US with less than 90% of the parts also made in America.
  3. Made in the USA(with imported and US parts) - These window blinds have more than 90% of the manufacturing cost in the US and more than 50% of the parts and materials from the US.
Those vertical blinds not specified on our website as made in USA are still built in the US but not specified by the manufacturer. They may be made from parts and components from outside the country. If you would like to know the details about a specific vertical blind call our customer service team.

Blinds Chalet tries to promote and work with American window blind manufacturers. Each of our vertical blinds are custom made to your color, size and other specifications. Buy your America made blinds today!
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