Is the top-down bottom-up option for the slumbershades corded or cordless.
The SlumberShades come in both 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch pleats. Both sizes offer the standard top down bottom up feature which has both a top down cord to lower the shades as well as a bottom up cord to raise the shades. The 1/2 inch SlumberShades also offer the cordless top down bottom up feature which has no visible cords. This lift option is operated by raising and lowering the shades by grasping the bottom or top rails of the blinds.

SlumberShades are the ultimate blackout shades. Designed with blackout fabric and side tracks to block the light, the SlumberShades are the official window treatment of the National Sleep Foundation. Ideal for areas where you want to block the light such as bedrooms, home theaters, etc.

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