What are the best energy efficiency blinds to cover windows on the south side of the house....white metal miniblinds? Wood blinds white or natural wood color?
The top insulting blinds or shades would be honeycomb cell shades. Some of our cell shades come with side tracks to insulate even better, eliminating the gaps between the window frame and the blinds. These energy efficient blinds are called the ComforTrack cell shades.

If you like horizontal blinds, aluminum mini blinds are the worst insulators. Wood and faux wood blinds are better but not as good as other products. Blinds Chalet also offers a product called our insulating blinds that are a cross between a horizontal blind and a cell shade.

Shutters are excellent energy efficient blinds but are also more expensive. Window shutters do a great job of sealing off the window and creating an insulating barrier.

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