I am planning to replace my cellular shades and could use some advice with the selection. The biggest problem with the current shades is that they did not provide enough light protection. The problem is not how much light filters through into the room - this is a living room and I actually like it bright. However, we have all afternoon/evening western sun exposure, and the surface of the shades itself becomes very bright, almost needing sunglasses when I look in that direction. Do I need to get room darkening cellulars instead, which as a side-effect would make the entire room a bit too dark, or would picking a darker color light-filtering type solve my problem?

Light filtering cell shades are made from fabric which allows light to pass through them while still providing privacy. If your current honeycomb shades allow too much light you may consider a room darkening or blackout cell shade. Even though light passes through the window shades, they still provide privacy as well as insulation from the heat.

Blackout shades will block the light from passing through the fabric and may not be what you want. If you would like light to enter the room during the daytime there are a few options. First consider top down bottom up cell shades. This allows you to lower the shades from the top down, blocking the bottom portion for privacy while allowing light to enter the room.

Another alternative would be day night cell shades. Day night shades come with a blackout fabric as well as a light filtering fabric. This allows the light filtering fabric to be lowered during the day and the blackout fabric in the afternoon to block the sun.

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