Want to install blinds on French doors. How do we order the part that keeps the blinds from swinging when opening the doors?
Hold Down bracket for french door blinds
Hold Down Brackets for French Door Blinds
Most of our window blinds and shades can be ordered with hold down brackets that secure the blinds to french doors to keep them from swinging when the doors open. Simply request hold downs when you place your order by calling us or contacting customer service and we will send the hold down brackets free of charge.

Some of the most common window blinds used on french doors is 1 inch slat blinds. We carry aluminum mini blinds, 1" faux wood blinds, and 1" wood blinds. These blinds come with narrower slats so the window blinds extend less off the door. Window shades can also be mounted on a french door such as honeycomb cell shades or bamboo blinds.

Consider the location of the lift and tilt cords for your french door blinds. Choose a product where you can change the control locations and select the side that will be on the hinge side of the door. This will help keep the cords away from the door during operation.

If you need any assistance ordering your french door blinds feel free to call our customer service department or chat with us online. Our design consultants are knowledgeable and friendly and can help assist you with your purchase. Buy your french door blinds from Blinds Chalet today!
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