I have a few small windows and need mini blinds to cover them. Where can I find small mini blinds?
Because all of our window blinds are custom made just about any of our window blinds will work for small windows. If you are looking for small mini blinds shop our selection of aluminum mini blinds. If you are looking for other window coverings shop our complete line of window blinds and shades.

Some of our mini blinds are available as small as 6 to 8 inches. Typical minimum sizes are between 8 to 12 inches but will vary by product and by the lift control. Most horizontal blinds under 12 inches come without a lift control and only with a tilt control. This is due to the size limitation within the headrail to fit both controls. For this same reason, other controls such as top down bottom up, cordless, or continuous cord lift may not be available on small blinds.

Shop our complete line of small mini blinds. Save big with discount prices and free shipping. Buy your small mini blinds from Blinds Chalet and save!
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