I'm looking for battery operated remote controlled shades for windows that are not possible to reach. There are three windows next to each other so I will need three shades. Does this mean I would need three remotes (one for each shade)? Or is it possible to control all three from one remote? Also, is there a way to "synchronize" them so they all go up and down the same amount?
Battery operated remote controlled shades are an excellent option for high, out of reach windows. Motorized shades can be controlled by a range of remote controls. Choose from a single channel remote or a multiple channel. Each channel can operate one shade or a group of shades. If you have five shades you can operate all 5 shades together with a single channel remote. A multiple channel remote will allow you to operate each shade on its own channel. The best way to synchronize the motorized shades is by operating them all on the same channel.

Second, the remote controls come in both hand held or wall mounted. Wall mount remote controls are battery operated just like the hand held but are placed in the wall similar to a light switch.

There are also different options for the motor that operates the shades and how to power that motor. Our standard motors are lithium battery operated. This allows for the easiest installation. We do, however, offer hard wired options for our motors. This requires and electrician to run power to the motor.

We also offer motorization on different types of window blinds and shades. Choose from roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades and more. Shop our complete line of motorized shades today!
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