Need to check difference between included valance and extra charge channel valance on your aluminum mini blinds. Also need to know if you have extenders for outside mount to clear handle of sliding door.
Channel Valance
mini blinds channel valance
Our standard valance with each of our aluminum mini blinds is a two slat valance. This is simply two of the actual aluminum blind slats attached to the front of the metal headrail. With many of our aluminum blinds we offer an upgrade to a sleeker, more elegant channel valance pictured to the right. With the channel valance there are no aluminum slats attached to the headrail, rather the headrail itself is extruded with a decorative shape and paited to match the color of the mini blinds.

Spacer Blocks
When you order an outside mount mini blind we will automatically include spacer blocks for the mini blinds. Simply mount the mini blinds with the spacer blocks between the door and the headrail of the blinds. By inserting the block between the blinds and the door, the mini blind is push away from the door to clear any molding, trim, or other objects.
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