We have a window in our family room where the window is opposite our television. When the window blinds are closed the window is still reflected on the TV. What can I do to dress the windows to provide privacy and stop the glare?
The best option is to trade in those window blinds for blackout shades. We offer a wide selection of blackout window shades ranging from honeycomb cellular shades, bamboo shades, and roller shades. For complete light control, choose a ComfortTrack cell shade which offers side tracks to even stop light entering between the sides of the shades and the window frame.

Another option you may consider is top down bottom up shades. This upgrade will allow you to lower the window shades and control the light entering the room. The doufold shade will also still provide privacy while the window shades are partially lowered.

The last option is to add window curtains over your existing blinds. You would probably want to choose a blackout fabric to stop the glare. Window drapes can be added outside the window frame and mounted above the window. When you are watching TV, simply draw the curtains closed to block the light.
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