What is the width of the sheer shades? 2 inch or 3 inch? Also, what is the thickness dimension of the headrail? I want to figure out if and how much it will stick out beyond our window frames. Compare to Hunter Douglas Silhouette.
The Horizontal Sheer Shades are made with a 2 inch material vane. We can also special order a 3 inch vane in the same colors as our 2 inch vanes. The sheer shades are available in both light filtering and room darkening. Both offer a sheer material when the vanes are open but when closed they block different amounts of light.

The dimensions for the headrail are 2.875 inches x 3.125 inches, for a complete flush mount you will need at least 3.625 inches of depth. The sheer shades can be mounted with at least 2 inches of window frame depth but anything less than the 3.625 inches and the shades will protrude partially out of the window frame.

Soft sheer shades are unique because they offer fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabrics. Fabric shades are available in a wide selection of color styles and choices. Compare to the Hunter Douglas Silhouette.
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